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ORA includes full-featured support for Findmypast.com and its affiliated sites Findmypast.co.uk, etc.

Findmypast shows record details on "transcription" pages. It offers many collections which it calls "record sets".

ORA adds Record Status icons to FMP search results, and you can alter Record Status icons from search result pages or record details pages.

ORA adds its OraPanel to record detail pages, and ORA detects the collection that includes the current record on a record detail page. That means you can customize Text Templates and Auto Type Templates by collection.

Record IDs

ORA extracts a unique record ID for Findmypast records. It shows the record ID in the OraPanel. It also constructs a link that will open the Record Detail page and includes that link in the OraPanel. The link is not particularly useful in the OraPanel except that it triggers the Record Status icon to appear there. That allows you to update the Record Status while on the record details page. You can also copy the URL to the page using the clipboard icon next to the link in the OraPanel.


Findmypast offers many collections which it calls "record sets". ORA detects collection names from record detail pages and adds them to the collections list on the OraSettings page.

Multiple Domains

Findmypast uses multiple domains, including "Findmypast.com" and "Findmypast.co.uk". I assume there are more. ORA attempts to detect Findmypast domains by removing known suffixes and then comparing with "Findmypast". In testing, that method proved reliable.

Selected Record

Some Findmypast record detail pages include a list of people at the top of the record, such as 1939 Census entries. On some variations of those pages, you may select a person by clicking on a row in the table, and the OraPanel will update shortly after you do so. In some cases, however, the OraPanel will not update to match the selected record. This is due to the Findmypast scripts not updating the URL in response to selecting a new record. In those cases, you must click the ORA "Refresh" icon in the upper-left corner of the OraPanel to refresh the field values.