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Auto Type in RootsMagic

Sources and Citations

When sending text to the input fields for a Rootsmagic source or citation, be aware that RootsMagic updates the footnotes as text is typed, and it requires time to format the footnotes. You may have to introduce delays to provide time for RootsMagic to catch up.

Date Fields

In RootsMagic you can designate a field as being a Date field. With a Date field you can enter the date information in a variety of formats and RootsMagic will convert the input to a date in the format specified in the database settings (dd Mmm yyyy etc.). For example, if you enter 10-10-1900 then RootsMagic will convert and display this to your chosen date format when you tab out of the field or otherwise finish the data entry of the date value.

To allow time for RootsMagic to convert the date and update the footnotes, date field entry in ORA should be followed by {1000}. If you do not add a delay, the initial characters in the next field may be missing.