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ORA supports image and index (aka "text only") records on Fold3.com.

Record Status Limitation

On Fold3, a set of related images are often gathered into files. Due to technical limitations, files are not supported by ORA's Record Status feature, but you can use the Record Status feature with an image within a file entry. The main downside associated with this limitation is that the Record Status icon is not added to a search result for a file entry. When you click a file entry to open it, Fold3 will show the first image in the file, and the OraPanel will include the Record Status icon for that image.

Multiple Record Images

Some images on Fold3 include multiple records. For example, an image of a census page includes an entry for each person listed on the page. Fold3 provides two ways to select a person to reveal the text extracted from the image for that person.: you can click on the image or you can use the Index tab in the left-hand information panel.

When you change the selected person, ORA will extract the information for the current person and update the OraPanel.